IK Multimedia’s iRig 2 is Here for On-The-Go Music Production

iRig 2One of the more remarkable developments that’s happened in the post-iOS world is the rise of hardware and software that allows an iPad or iPhone user to create high-quality multitrack audio. One of the pioneers in this mobile recording technology is IK Multimedia. The company kicked things off with its simple but effective iRig, an adapter that connected to an iOS device’s headphone port and allowed users to plug in instruments like guitars and then use those instruments to interact with a wide range of apps.

Now IK Multimedia has upped the game with the release of its iRig 2. It improves on its predecessor by providing better sound quality and more universal compatibility. It does this while maintaining the convenience and ease-of-use that have made it a staple piece of gear for many musicians.

Like the first iRig, the new iRig 2 plugs directly into the headphone jack input of a mobile device. It lets musicians send an instrument signal to apps, such as IK’s AmpliTube, while also providing on-board output for real-time monitoring. Unlike the original iRig, the new model comes with a built-in gain control. This means that it can be customized to always provide the best sound, no matter what type of guitar, bass or line-level instrument or device is used.

In what will be good news to non-iOS users iRig 2 is compatible with many Android 5 devices, including Samsung Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6. Owners of these devices will be able to use iRig 2 along with apps like IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube and UltraTuner.

The original iRig offered only one output in the form of a mini-plug connector that was most commonly used for headphones. But iRig 2 has a 1/4″ amplifier output, in addition to its traditional 1/8″ headphone output, which allows iRig 2 to be plugged directly into a guitar amplifier or powered speakers without an adapter.

iRig 2 comes with a new FX/THRU switch that allows it to send either a wet or dry signal. This means that guitarists can play live with an amplifier and use their mobile device with a tuner or recording app to record a dry signal for further processing.

iRig 2 typically retails for a reasonable price of $39.99 and it can usually be found at most major vendors.