Never Lose Your Bike Again with Connected Cycle at CES

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We hear a lot about connected cars at CES. But what about other modes of transportation? Many people still use bicycles every day, either as a main mode of travel or as a supplement to driving or public transit. And while the car has seemingly become smarter over the years, the bicycle has stayed virtually the same. All of that will change with the new Connected Cycle.

Scott caught up with Christian at the Connected Cycle booth. Christian explained how Connected Cycle uses a “smart pedal” design that can be attached to any bicycle. Connected Cycle can track the usual statistics of a bike ride; speed, distance traveled, calories burned. But it can also send notifications to a user’s smartphone if their bike has been moved while the bike owner is away. Connected Cycle has its own onboard Internet connection, so it’s not reliant on a user’s smartphone to send these types of alerts. Also, Connected Cycle is fully autonomous. It recharges itself using the motion of the bicycle. There’s no need to worry about recharging a Connected Cycle pedal.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the TechPodcast Network.

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