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Cosmo Connected is Ensuring the Safety of Motorcyclists at CES

Cosmo LogoTechnology can do a lot to help keep us safe on the road. And that’s exactly what Cosmo Connected is doing with its rear-mountable helmet light for motorcyclists. Todd spoke to Roman at the Cosmo Connected booth during CES. Roman showed how his company’s smart light easily attaches to the back of a standard helmet (using magnets) to help provide visibility while on the road. Here are some highlights:

  • Connected brake light with built-in accelerometer, light is engaged when driver reduces speed
  • Built-in gyroscope can detect if the driver has fallen or been in an accident
  • In the case of a fall or accident, the light sends a confirmation to the driver’s phone to see if they’re OK, if no confirmation is received, the light will prompt an incoming call from an operator to check on the driver, if there’s no answer after two attempts, the operator will contact emergency services and the driver’s emergency contact
  • Cosmo Connected light charges via USB connection
  • The light can be set to flash mode so it can be used by bicyclists or other non-motorcycle drivers

Cosmo Connected is expected to retail for $99 for the light. The remote operator service may run between $2 and $3 per month.

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iOttie Brings Inductive Smartphone Charger, Powerful Bike Light to CES

Most CES posts here at Geek News Central cover only one item. But when Todd stopped by the iOttie booth, he discovered two different items that were worth covering. Fortunately, Andrew from iOttie was there to give detailed information on both products.

First up is iOttie’s new iTap Wireless inductive smartphone charger. iTap Wireless needs no clunky adapters or loose wires. Simply place your phone onto the iTap’s surface, and the phone begins charging. iTap Wireless is designed to be used on a car’s dashboard, where its built-in dash cam can double as a handy safety accessory.

Next up is the Halo Charge bike light. Halo Charge is more than just a light that helps bicyclists navigate thru the darkness. It provides up to 1.5 hours of light on a single charge, uses a capacitive touch system to display the battery status, has a powerful 1100 lumens capable light, and a built-in dial that makes it easy to adjust the light’s brightness level.

Both products are expected to be available Q2 of 2017. Pricing information is not yet available.

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Stebles Carbon-Fibre Bike at Gadget Show Live

Stebles LogoContinuing GNC’s coverage of the British Inventors’ Project at Gadget Show Live, I met Mark of Stebles Bikes and his interesting road bicycle with carbon-fibre mudguards integrated into the bike frame. Mark tells me more about his new design and the problem it’s trying to solve.

As an enthusiastic cyclist himself, the thinking behind Mark’s idea was “more riding, less cleaning”. Often keen riders have two bikes, one with mudguards for rainy days and one without for better weather. Obviously it’s expensive to have two good bikes, so why not have one bike with streamlined, lightweight mudguards?

Stebles Bike

Mark used 3D printing to create the initial prototypes and the next stage is to produce the necessary aluminium molds for the frame parts. It’s an expensive business so Mark has a GoFundMe campaign if you want to support him and get the project to the next stage.

Looking to the future, a British-made version of the bike is likely to cost around GB£5,000 but Mark aims to get this cost down to make the bike affordable to wider range of riders.

BikeDeck Stores and Transports Bicycles for Modern Living at Gadget Show Live

BikeDeck LogoToday’s apartments and smaller houses aren’t always conducive to bicycle ownership. Bikes don’t stay upright, handlebars mark walls and transporting them can be awkward. They’re all wheels and finger-nips. Mark and Julie’s BikeDeck looks to solve these problems and I chat with him as part of the British Inventors’ Project at Gadget Show Live.

The BikeDeck is a free-standing bicycle storage and transport platform. It holds the bike in a upright, free-standing position or the BikeDeck can be hung on a wall (from a suitably strong hook). BikeDeck keeps the bike ready for transport as it can be wheeled it along like a trolley suitcase or lifted easily into a car.

It works with any bike which has quick release wheels, and with practice, an owner can get the bike onto the BikeDeck in around a minute. Almost any frame size can be accommodated as the BikeDeck’s sliding system adjusts to length.


Currently in the prototype stage, BikeDeck is looking for partners to bring the product to the market.

MiniWing Brings its Camile Bike Cam to CES 2016

MiniWing CamileThe ability to capture video used to be a very special thing for mere mortals to do. Videographers-to-be had to shell out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for bulky camcorder systems that could barely be considered portable. And while those devices might’ve been great, they still had many limitations. But those days are long gone. Almost everyone is carrying at least one device on them at all times capable of recording (and even live streaming) HD quality video. This ability to easily capture video has crept into all areas of our lives. Capable video cameras are now so abundant that they’re made for everything from dashboards to surfboards. MiniWing is now bringing this idea to bicycles with its new Camile Bike Cam.

The Camile Bike Cam can be used to record either video or burst-mode still photos. Users can point the lens outward or in whatever direction they’d like to record. Once turned on, an LED screen can display the speed of travel, local time, or the ongoing mileage of a bike trip. Three indicator lights keep track of battery life, video recording status, and if the device is connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a smmartphone. Once footage has been shot, an application is available to sync footage to a connected device, and can also be downloaded to a computer with a USB cord.

The Camile Bike Camera is currently on display at MiniWing’s booth at the South Hall, Level 2, booth # 25234 during CES 2016.

Cycloc Stores and Displays Bicycles

British Inventors ProjectFollowing British success in the sport, cycling has seen a resurgence in the UK and there are some very tasty bikes on the roads these days. Storage when off the road can be a problem though, especially in city apartments. Cycloc provides a solution to this with colourful wall-mounts which both store and show-off the bicycle. Perfect for the bijou town pad.

Cycloc Bicycle Accessories

Cycloc’s range of products was on display at Gadget Show Live as part of the British Inventors’ Project. The latest product, Hero, cleverly uses the pedals to hold the bike to the wall. Fresh to the market, it costs a few pennies under £40. In the picture below, Hero is holding the upper bike, with Solo keeping up the lower one.


Never Lose Your Bike Again with Connected Cycle at CES

Connected Cycle logo

We hear a lot about connected cars at CES. But what about other modes of transportation? Many people still use bicycles every day, either as a main mode of travel or as a supplement to driving or public transit. And while the car has seemingly become smarter over the years, the bicycle has stayed virtually the same. All of that will change with the new Connected Cycle.

Scott caught up with Christian at the Connected Cycle booth. Christian explained how Connected Cycle uses a “smart pedal” design that can be attached to any bicycle. Connected Cycle can track the usual statistics of a bike ride; speed, distance traveled, calories burned. But it can also send notifications to a user’s smartphone if their bike has been moved while the bike owner is away. Connected Cycle has its own onboard Internet connection, so it’s not reliant on a user’s smartphone to send these types of alerts. Also, Connected Cycle is fully autonomous. It recharges itself using the motion of the bicycle. There’s no need to worry about recharging a Connected Cycle pedal.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the TechPodcast Network.

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