Child Angel Brings Peace of Mind to CES

ChildAngel thumbIt’s every parent’s nightmare scenario. You turn away from your child in a public place only to turn back and see your child is gone. That’s exactly what happened to Andrew Purcell, CEO of Child Angel. Fortunately for Andrew, his child was found quickly and without incident. But the experience gave him the inspiration to create Child Angel, a GPS-enabled tracking bracelet for children (or any loved one you might want to keep track of).

Scott talked to Andrew at the Child Angel booth. Andrew explained that Child Angel is a bracelet designed to be comfortably worn by children of all ages. Child Angel uses GPS to track the location of its wearer and it can transmit data over either Wi-Fi or GSM. Child Angel bracelets themselves can be customized to change the look, making them more appealing to children as an everyday wearable. Also, Child Angel will send a notification to a parent’s smartphone anytime the bracelet strap is undone. If a child is lost or feels endangered, this system could easily be used to send a signal back to the parent.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the TechPodcast Network.

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