Amazon Return Policy Incredible

amazonMy family buys a lot of stuff from Amazon. We definitely get our value out of prime many times over. Recently though we had three items we had to return. In all honesty I think it was the first time we have ever had to return something to Amazon which is incredible in it’s own right. My wife had two pair of shoes that were to tight even though she has purchased the same brand in the past, and I had a major electronics item that arrived DOA.

I was honestly shocked at how fast and easy it was to return an item. Two of the items where instant returns, and one of the items took about 5 hours for the vendor to reply with a RA and shipping label. My wife simply did an exchange, and I did a full return refund. We are cognizant that returned items cost the vendors money, but for my wife it has increased her confidence to purchase more items from that vendor based on the customer service she received.

Living in Hawaii can be expensive and being able to order hard to find items on Amazon saves us a ton of money each year. Say what you will we are big fans of Amazon and while we like to buy local as much as we can when something is as much as 50% cheaper online its hard to support the local merchant.

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  1. I have Prime and returns don’t need any response from any vendor. If you ordered with Prime directly from Amazon, you just go to your orders, choose the reason you’re returning the item, print the return sheet that has the barcode for UPS to scan and choose “pick up at my residence”. They show up the next day, slap a label on it and no questions asked. The only time you would need a vendor to reply is if you DIDN’T order that item through Prime. Then your return is between you and the vendor. Prime doesn’t come into play.

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