GNC #955 with Robbie Ferguson

Robbie Ferguson from Category5 Technology TV hosts Geek News Central today.

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Show Notes:

  • TaskOne G3 Multi-Tool Case for iPhone 5/5S.
  • Beltone First Hearing Aid.
  • How much safer would our roads be if robots drove?
  • MagicJack is raising their prices, but there’s still time to lock in your current rate.
  • Google has purchased Skybox Imaging for $500m.
  • Smart TV’s can be hijacked with inexpensive wireless hardware.
  • Some great game titles were revealed at E3 this week.
  • A recent poll in Canada shows that a lot of people are using the Internet for streaming music, and mostly through YouTube.
  • A universal 3D printer extruder head will let you use a 3D printer with pretty much any material.
  • An interesting take on device control is coming from a company in Kitchener, Ontario.
  • A 16 million color pen can match its ink to the shade of any real world object.
  • Dell will be offering Ubuntu 14.04 on its new 2-in-1 hybrid notebooks.
  • Google has released some code to allow email encryption with a Chrome browser plugin.
  • The universal translator is real, and coming to Skype.
  • The modern car: a computer on wheels, just waiting to be hacked.
  • A Japanese firm is releasing what they call a robot with “a heart”.

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