Sennheiser presents PRESENCE™ Mobile Headset at CES


Sennheiser, is introducing  the PRESENCE™ Mobile Headset, a Bluetooth headset for mobile professionals and private users requiring outstanding sound quality and HD voice clarity. Building on Sennheiser’s 70-year history, the new SpeakFocus™ and WindSafe™ technologies give users with a rich communication experience in noisy environments ,  indoors or outdoors.


The PRESENCE™ Mobile Headset is equipped with three digital microphones and the new SpeakFocus™ technology that detects the user’s voice and filters out background noise, allowing phone calls in noisy environments and providing listeners with a crystal clear sound experience. WindSafe™ technology reduces wind noise effectively, reducing one of the biggest sources of annoyance for person you are talking to. It does so by choosing the best mix of the three microphones and processes the sound to decide the ideal way to balance and enhance your voice.

Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications said: “As mobile professionals and private users increasingly need to be accessible on the move, there is a need for high quality equipment that delivers the best possible call experience – even in challenging environments. PRESENCE™ Mobile Headset incorporates Sennheiser’s latest innovations – the SpeakFocus™ and WindSafe™ technologies – providing users with outstanding sound quality and performance they will appreciate wherever they are.”

Sennheiser says that the PRESENCE headset will give the user up to 10 hours to talk time. The MSRP is $179.95. Availability has not been announced as of this posting. For more information, visit

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