Winners of ShowStoppers Pitch Competition at CES

ShowStoppers LaunchitThe three winners of the International CES 2014 ShowStoppers Pitch Competition have been announced. This competition identifies startups that are the best to invest in. Selection comes from the startups that were at Eureka Park 2014. Eureka Park is the TechZone that provides startups a unique exhibiting opportunity to launch a new product, service, or idea. There were more than 200 startups in Eureka Park at CES 2014.

In first place: Touchjet (located at booth # 75004)
Touchjet has a precise touch enabled pico projector that has a built-in Android OS. It can transform an empty wall into an interactive 80-inch tablet. It can be used by both the consumer and educational market.

In second place: FINsix (located at booth #74113)
FINsix has a laptop adaptor that is four times smaller, and six times lighter, than the rest. FINsix is commercializing a groundbreaking power conversion technology that allows for a 10x reduction in size while maintaining efficiency. It will be useful for industries that focus on consumer electronics, solid state lighting, and automotive.

In third place: Chromation (located at booth #74010)
Chromation has a proprietary low cost sensor for handheld color and light measurement. It is 10x cheaper than a spectrometer and 4x smaller. It fills the gap between low cost and high preformance products.

The winners were selected by a panel of angel investors that were representing the New York Angels and the Las Vegas Angel community.

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