Lenovo unveils its Beacon home server at CES

The home server or NAS has become a fairly commonplace item these days. Who would have thought back in the 90’s that we would all have a server in our home. In those days, the thought of running a server was daunting, would we need to hire an IT pro to set it up and maintain it?

Well, those days are over, and it’s become common practice. Now, Lenovo has unveiled its upcoming offering, known as the Beacon. The server is termed a personal cloud storage device because it allows for access from anywhere.


“Easier to use than NAS-storage type devices, Beacon lets users upload files either wirelessly or via an onboard USB connection with just the press of one button.Users can seamlessly access files around the home or on-the-go, and Beacon’s secure access rights make it a great device to share with multiple users”, the company announces.

The Lenovo Beacon personal cloud storage device will be available beginning in April with models starting at $199 via major retailers and through Lenovo directly.

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