Android meets tilt-shift with Miniature Preview Camera

You may or may not know the name “tilt-shift”, but if you have any interest at in photography then you’re likely familiar with it. Its n art form in and of itself and a rather complicated process to pull off using a real camera. Fortunately, with smartphones there are camera apps that take the place of those expensive devices and lenses — before you comment, yes, I know the quality is not in the same ballpark.

Recently an XDA Developers form member, OctoberApps, released his own camera app, designed to handle tilt-shift photos. Miniature Camera Preview is not the first to appear in the Google Play store, but early indications are showing it is by far the best.

In the words of the developer, “beautiful miniaturized photo also requires good photo composition and objects which matches up with tilt shift effect. So this app offers real time preview of tilt shift effect. You can capture the best miniaturized photo while you are watching result of effect. It also offers test for EDIT mode which makes you to add tilt shift effect to the image in gallery”. (NOTE: I have left the quote in his words.)

The app is free from the Google Play store and contains the ability to zoom, edit, set sharpness and decide on a focus area — the outside of that area receives a blur effect.

miniature camera preview

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