Rdio announces new documentary with Red Bull Stratos

Almost one year ago many of us sat enthralled before our computers as we watched Felix Bomgartner slowly ascend into the sky, not stopping until he reached the stratosphere. The rise was painfully slow, but the man had a much quicker plan to return to earth. At a height so dizzying that the curvature of the earth was visible, Bomgartner emerged from his capsule, said a few words, gave a salute and leaped from his platform.

redbull stratos

Now Rdio, a service known mainly for audio, has announced a new documentary of that epic leap from the edge of space. “We’re taking an exciting leap with Red Bull to present Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story Behind Red Bull Stratos, the documentary on the historic space dive project. The film will be available exclusively on rdio.com/redbullstratos for three months beginning on October 14, 2013, which marks the one-year anniversary of Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 24 miles above Earth”, the company announced.

However, Rdio is a music service, and songs play a big part in this release. So, for now, you can listen to the inspiring playlists created by the crew from the Red Bull Stratos project.

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