Torch launches Android Music app

torch musicTorch, an increasingly popular web browser based on Chrome, is known for some of the built-in features it brings to users. One of those is its music discovery and playback. The Music feature has now struck out on its own.

Torch Music is now available from Google Play Store. The app is free and offers millions of songs and videos straight to your phone. That means that you can get the amazing experience of Torch Music anywhere you go. The app runs in the background so you don’t have to stop listening to your music.

You will be able to listen to playlists that you have saved while using Torch Music on your computer, or you can make a playlist and listen to it straight from your phone.

Torch Music for Android offers you music from thousands of artists. There is also a Suggested feature, which offers personalized song suggestions. You can even check out which songs are most played using the Popular feature.

4 thoughts on “Torch launches Android Music app

  1. Torch music is the best part of the whole torch thing. Unlike spotify or pandora it lets you make video playlists, and the music doesn’t stop for ads. Great service!

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