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Torch launches Android Music app

torch musicTorch, an increasingly popular web browser based on Chrome, is known for some of the built-in features it brings to users. One of those is its music discovery and playback. The Music feature has now struck out on its own.

Torch Music is now available from Google Play Store. The app is free and offers millions of songs and videos straight to your phone. That means that you can get the amazing experience of Torch Music anywhere you go. The app runs in the background so you don’t have to stop listening to your music.

You will be able to listen to playlists that you have saved while using Torch Music on your computer, or you can make a playlist and listen to it straight from your phone.

Torch Music for Android offers you music from thousands of artists. There is also a Suggested feature, which offers personalized song suggestions. You can even check out which songs are most played using the Popular feature.

Arr Matey! The Torch browser turns one

To be fair, Torch is an excellent browser that is based on Google’s Chrome platform. With that said, the web browser does come with built-in BitTorrent client, though that is far from its only feature. There are excellent media features included with the software, allowing the user to explore the latest music.

Now Torch Media announces the celebration of its one year anniversary. “Torch just celebrated its first birthday. We did a lot over the last year to make sure our users are getting the most out of the web and are looking forward to the future with our new improvements”.

The software maker tells us that is has accumulated 10 million users over its short life, plus touts other milestones and plans, as it is “hard at work making sure everyone can use this awesome browser, it is now available for Mac.  When you make the switch to Torch you don’t have to lose any of the add-ons you are used to, now that all Chrome add-ons are compatible with Torch Browser”.

torch birthday

“Torch recently released an update to help users download faster. So you have to wait less time to watch that movie you have been dying to see and you don’t have to compromise on the quality, because your browser can handle the larger HD files”. Nope…no piracy here. Move along, nothing to see.

As I said earlier, the browser is excellent. It is fast and brings many features to the table. Unfortunately, there is that whole stigma that continues to hang over it.

Etón and American Red Cross TurboDyne Gadgets

As the Boy Scouts would say, “Be prepared” and the latest additions to Etón Corporation‘s American Red Cross TurboDyne series are a good step forwards for everyone.  Showcasing at CES, the Road Torq, Axis and Rover are all aimed at helping during those unexpected emergencies.

All the devices are self-powered through a hand crank which charges up the internal battery, so there’s never any worry about the batteries running out – just wind it up.

The Road Torq is a roadside assistance tool, with a spotlight and emergency beacon.  As you can see from the picture (left), it’s a little tripod with a hinged lamp so you can put it on the ground or your car roof and direct light where you need it.

The Rover is a combined AM / FM / NOAA radio, torch and USB phone charger. Shown right in the picture.

The Axis, centre, is the slightly bigger sister to the Rover. It too has a AM / FM / NOAA radio but comes with a digital tuner.  The torch is also present as is an additional flashing red lamp.  The Axis can be powered from multiple sources, including the crank, 3x AAA batteries and a DC input.  The USB phone charger is there too.

“Our long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross enables us to provide products that help our friends and families stay prepared for unexpected situations,” says Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation. “Our new TurboDyne Series represents a new design and increased functionality, and we are proud to help support the efforts of the Red Cross with its introduction.”

I think this is a great little set of products for emergencies, so I’ll be picking up a Road Torq for the car and an Axis for the house as soon as I can. Available in black and white, and coming soon in 2011, a portion of proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, but no price was announced.