Diamond Wireless Range Extender WR300NSI Review

diamondOver the past couple of years I have had mixed results with Wireless Range Extenders. In many cases I have become very frustrated as the performance has been bad, or they simply refused to hook up to the existing network.

In receiving The Diamond Multimedia Wireless Range Extender, I really did not know what to expect. What shocked me the most from the time the unit was unpacked till it was extending my wireless signal was all told about 5 minutes.

To really hammer these things I always put the extender at a location in my home where I have trouble, which in my case is my Garage where typically I get a 1 bar on a laptop or cell phone. So while I did it my way the first time and has success the folks at Diamond have done something cool to take the guess work out of where to place the extender!

Their is a Received Signal Strength Indicator LED that intelligently determine the wireless signal strength, by reading the led indicators users can assess the best area to plugin the extender. By following the extender recommendations versus mine, I placed the extender in a location I would not have picked as a first choice, and found that I got much better performance out of the device.

You can do the following with this extender:

  • Eliminate Dead Spots in your Home
  • Create a Wireless Access Point while traveling, (Love This)
  • Wireless bridge device connect it to a Internet Ready TV etc.

It supports all the major wireless protocols including Wireless-N, supports MMIO & has WPS support as well. All for the low price of $49.99 Best part of all it’s small and will fit in the palm of your hand..

Overall great product, for a great price.


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