Goodbye Pandora: I am sold on Google Music All Access

google music all accessI am a long time Pandora customer. The simple $3.99 monthly fee is a small price to pay for my unlimited, ad-free streaming, which gets me through my workdays. I have tried alternatives such as Spotify, Rdio and Last.FM and found all to be solid, but paying more multiple services monthly was not what I was looking for.

With a combination of all of my music stored in the free Google Music cloud, and hand-crafted radio stations within Pandora, I considered myself set. Sure, I wanted the ability play a particular song or album that I did not own, but paying for another service was not worth it to me.

Then Google I/O 2013 occurred and things changed. My Google Music app suddenly had Spotify capability. It gained Pandora functionality. Plus, it still had my 80-plus gigabyte music collection. If all of that was not enough, the price was only a few dollars more than I currently pay. Google Music All Access is the best of every world.

I am paid up on Pandora at the moment, but I do not plan to stay there. With All Access I can not only add my Pandora stations and still have all of my uploaded music, but also play any song or album at any time. Could this get any better?

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