Google Created a Dancing Doodle for St. Patrick’s Day

Google St Patricks Day DoodleHappy St. Patrick’s Day! If you are celebrating in the United States, this day involves viewing a parade and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. If that doesn’t interest you, then perhaps the Google Doodle for today will.

Google has created an adorable troop of Irish dancers for today’s Doodle, who appear to be preforming a traditional Irish dance, (complete with costume and poofy hair). Each dancer is wearing one letter from the word Google on his or her outfit. This is not the first time Google has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Doodle, but it is the first one that has been animated.

The first St. Patrick’s Day Google Doodle was created in 2000, and was very minimalist. The letters appear in different shades of green, and a green hat with a black band and a shamrock was placed on top of it. Since then, the St. Patrick’s Day Doodles have gotten more complex. In 2013, the word Google appeared as though it had been part of The Book of Kells. This year’s animated, dancing, St. Patrick’s Day Doodle may be the only thing Google has done lately that will make people smile.

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