The lunacy begins: Seattle cafe bans Google Glass

By now most of you have likely seen the viral video titled “How guys will use Google Glass”, and if not, I have inserted it below. Now it seems that one public location has actually taken that seriously. A cafe in Seattle, Washington has announced a ban of Google Glass in advance of the device even being released.

In successive posts to its Facebook page, the 5 Point Cafe first let it be known that “For the record, The 5 Point is the first Seattle business to ban in advance Google Glasses. And ass kickings will be encouraged for violators”. The restaurant then followed that up with “We’ve had a lot of questions about Google ‘Glasses’. Well don’t buy into Googles ‘sexy’ imaging promotion of their new Google Glasses. They are really just the new fashion accessory for the fanny pack & never removed Bluetooth headset wearing set”.

This is almost certainly a publicity stunt, in which case I suppose it has worked. However, it does raise some real privacy concerns about how people will react when encountering an individual who is wearing Google Glass. I personally am not worried about it — I think devices like this could be the future, but I do understand safety implications, especially for women. At the very least, this begins a discussion that could be productive.

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