Rovio Releases “Green Day” Levels for Angry Birds Facebook

Yesterday Rovio rolled out the new Angry Birds Seasons levels, titled “Back to School”, but many people missed the fact that they quietly released a new set of levels for Angry Birds Facebook, called “Green Day”.  Yes, in case you’re wondering, the new levels are named after the popular alternative band.

There was no announcement of the release, so we’re left to wonder why the the rock band association, but Green Day is due to release three new albums before the end of the year, so there is likely some publicity tie-in between the two brands.  There are ten new levels included in the update, but no new features or birds included.  The levels each feature a background image depicting the three members of Green Day as pigs.

Angry Birds for Facebook is free to play and includes a “weekly tournament” that features four new levels released each week.  Green Day is the fifth level of the popular game that has been released for the social network version of Angry Birds.

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