Rovio Teases Next Game, Amazing Alex

Rovio has been on a roll recently.  They have launched the fastest selling mobile game in history with Angry Birds Space and also updated both Space and Seasons with new levels, as well as adding a Facebook version of the original Angry Birds game.  Now they are pimping their next game, “Amazing Alex” with a new trailer and a couple of wallpapers for your computer.

Game play is essentially a series of Rube Goldberg machines that you create to solve problems and accomplish common tasks like cleaning Alex’s room.  The game also allows the users to create their own levels.  “Got a great idea for a level? Design intriguing new levels using 35 interactive objects and share them — with friends or with the whole world! With other fans constantly creating and uploading new levels, there are always new challenges to check out!”

Rovio isn’t giving many details, only stating that the game is “coming soon”.  They also aren’t talking price, but many versions of the Angry Birds series have been free.  You can check out the trailer below and head over to Rovio to grab the wallpapers.