Is Google Releasing a Nexus Tablet?

There have been rumors circulating for a few days now that Google is working on their own tablet to rival the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Now those rumors are becoming more credible as more information has begun to leak out.  The tablet actually makes a lot of sense given that Google already releases their own “official” Android phone, currently the Galaxy Nexus, made by Samsung.

Details that have surface so far include such details as a 7 inch size, Asus as the manufacturer, and a Tegra 3 chipset.   Rumors continue, by stating that the new Google Nexus tablet will retail for $199, once again matching the Amazon Kindle Fire.  The details have mostly filtered out of Mobile World Congress, which happened last week in Barcelona, and many came courtesy of the web site Android and Me, who naturally cited “unnamed sources”.

Everything here seems logical, and given that Google already uses a third-party to manufacture their “official” phone, everything is falling into place nicely.    As for a release date, there are less-than-credible rumors that it will be this spring or summer.  There are even some threads floating around that a 10 inch, $299 tablet will also be forthcoming.