New Rogers Commercial Shows What The Droid Razr Can Really Do

Everyone is probably familiar with the new Motorola Droid Razr commercials.  They are on TV almost continuously it seems, but Rogers, of Canada, has a new twist in their Razr TV ad.  If you have seen the U.S. ads then you know that the ad is more special effects than actual phone – you just see things getting sliced in half by the unseen Razr.

Rogers has gone one step further and is actually slicing things with a real Motorola Droid Razr, and they filmed it with a super slow-motion camera so you get to see all of the action.  The ad features a Razr being fired from some sort of air gun and proceeding to slice through an egg and a cake.  In the end, the icing is wiped off of the screen and the phone starts like nothing has happened.  Of course, there is no telling if it’s really the same phone that was shot out of the gun, but the effect is still good for a really cool commercial.  You can check it out below.  It’s titled “Motorola Razr VS The Baker’s Dozen.