Severe Weather Tip – Switch Android Settings to Save Battery

With Hurricane Irene now making it’s way up the east coast of the US, it’s a good time to review what you can do to conserve your phone’s battery during power outages.  It’s also handy for travel, or anytime you won’t be able to recharge for an extended period.  Fortunately, Android makes it very simple to manage battery life – at least to a degree.  After all, this mobile OS isn’t known for it’s great power management.

To get started, turn on your device, go into All Apps and select Settings.  Now select Battery & data manager.

Select Battery mode.  By default, Android is set on Nighttime saver.  This is to allow “Normal operation during the day. Battery saving at night.”  However, you can switch it to Maximum battery saver, which offers “Best battery saving.  Least automatic data updates.”

Of course, you can switch these settings whenever you want.  For the most part the default “Nighttime saver” is best, but it is handy to be able to conserve your phone’s life when necessary.

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