iPad2 at Best Buy and Toys R Us?

If you want to get one of those iPad2 tablets, you might want to go to your local Best Buy. They have been getting ready to push another wave of iPad2’s But if you really want one on Sunday, head down to Toys R Us.

Toys R Us and Best Buy will be pushing the 16 GB and 32 GB tablets (WiFi only models) starting Sunday, April 17. Check with each store before you go out to make sure there is stock. Best Buy states they have ample supply, but you still want to check before you head out.

Apple launched the iPad2 last month nation-wide, even opened a temporary store at SXSW. This will be the first new surge of iPad2 tablets since then.

So if you were planning to pay $700 on ebay, you might want to hold off for a day or two and check with your local Toys R Us or Best Buy store.

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