Day 3 – A week Using Google Chrome OS

I learned today that making usable audio on Chrome OS is impossible. I tried several times to make a short voice recording and each time it came out really noisy. The built in Mic is not of high quality on the CR48. So my next try was to record with my Sony IC Recorder. The recording turned out great, but the OS wouldn’t recognize the recorder when I plugged it in. It also would not recognize my USB thumb drive. Not sure if that’s an OS thing or a hardware thing. The device does have a SD Card slot so if you had a recorder that used SD Cards, you might be able to go that way with audio (or video for that matter). I am able to do a complete podcast recording, upload to my server and post it using just my Android Phone. So, maybe there is a way with Chrome that I haven’t found yet.

I’ve been doing a lot of typing on the netbook this week and I have to say I’m getting used to the keyboard. The trick is to keep your thumbs up when not using the spacebar. If you don’t, the curser will jump when you are not looking at the screen and then you are inserting text in another part of your document. I guess this is good for better posture but it does take a while to get the hang of. On my Macbook, I don’t have this problem.

I decided to give it the acid test to see if it was ready for prime-time. I let my wife use it. She had no problem creating an account using her Google account login. Step one went well. Let me tell you a bit about my wife. She is NOT a techie person. She uses computers at work because she has to and is very good at what she has to do but doesn’t tweak things. At home, she uses a Mac desktop to play facebook games and keep up with her friends. She also does some light email and web browsing. That’s about it. I gave her the CR48 to use for a while tonight and she picked it right up. Had no trouble playing the flash games she likes (Restaurant City and Hotel City on facebook) She commented on how fast she thought it was compared to her Mac. I found that part strange as I always thought her Mac was quite fast. Anyway, she used it for an hour or so and said “Nice Laptop” and then she asked me “Why did Google send you this for free?” I think she still doesn’t believe me ;) After I’m done testing this thing, I think I might have found a home for it next to the couch.

For Day 4, I’m going to take the CR48 in the field. I want to try out the free 3G from Verizon and how well it connects to public Wifi.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 – A week Using Google Chrome OS

  1. I think the ability to plug in other devices is just a driver issue. They could add drivers, and presto, something new will work that didn’t before.
    I hope the get something going to SD cards, the USB for a thumb driver, and anything with the web cam (I could only take my log in picture with it).

    Nice write up.

  2. I’m not sure which hardware works with the USB port. I did get a mouse to work. SO far that’s been the only thing that works on it. It will also charge my cellphone, but won’t connect to it. (It’s Android, you would figure it would talk to that!)



  3. I was curious how it would handle plugging in hardware such as a microphone/headset. I’m a little disappointed, but not surprised. Headset driver install and configuration can be a pain in Windows, even more so in Linux, as manufacturers don’t generally put the same development effort into Linux drives as the do for Window or Mac.
    Without access to the underlying OS to install and configure the drivers and hardware settings, I’m not surprised it didn’t recognize your hardware.

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