Day 2 – A week Using Google Chrome OS

On day 2 I have learned a couple more things about Chrome OS. First, I learned how to save a photo (or any other file) to a “mystery” downloads folder on the CR48. So that is why you are seeing the chrome OS logo in this post. I’m not sure where the storage is on this machine or how much storage there is. I will do some research and find out.

Another thing I wanted to try was recording some audio. I sort of succeeded in that I found an audio recording / editing “app” in what Google now calls the “web store”. The App is called Aviary Audio Editor. I was able to record and then save my recording to the “downloads” area on the CR48. I tried using my usb headset plugged into the CR48’s one USB port. That did not work. I’m not sure if it is supposed to work or if that is something that will be added to Chrome OS in the future. I am going to try Google Talk’s Audio and Video chat and I will see if the headset works for that.

The whole idea of trying to record audio is I want to see if it is possible to podcast from the CR48. I am going to do that experiment Tomorrow using my Sony recorder and see if I can get the CR48 and chrome to download the audio file from the recorder. If that doesn’t work, I will record using the app described above and put an audio post on my personal podcast feed. Wish me luck.

A couple of notes about the CR48 Hardware:

The Keyboard looks like an unlighted version of the Macbook Pro keyboard with a track pad that looks very much like the Mac with no buttons. Those who use multi-touch on the Mac will get used to it very quickly as the same gestures work for scrolling and “right” click. The keyboard is missing the CAPS LOCK key and in it’s place is a search key. Also, there is no Function keys at the top. Instead, there are keys that do specific functions but they are not numbered like the Mac or PC keyboards with F1-F12 or whatever. I do find the track pad gets in the way a bit while typing (Like many laptops and netbooks) but nothing you couldn’t get used to if you use it enough.

So far so good and I will report back on day 3 and if I was able to get a podcast up from the CR48.