I broke my Kindle and it really Sucks!

I broke my Kindle and it was my own fault. Sat my computer bag on it when I pulled it out of the overhead to pack things away from my flight home. I knew instantly that I had jacked the screen and that really was not the way I wanted to end my latest trip. I went online to check pricing for a new unit and because I have such a huge assortment of books, I really have no alternative. This time I am going to get a protective jacket for it.

Totally sucks because I love my Kindle. When I travel I read a great deal, and you know I travel a lot. This is the first time in many years I have broken a piece of electronics. I have had stuff fail on me before but this was a case of smashing the screen with my over weight computer bag, it did not stand a chance. The worst part I was hot and heavy into a book I was reading, and now will have to wait till my new unit shows. up.

So what have you broken lately?

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5 thoughts on “I broke my Kindle and it really Sucks!

  1. In a rush to film my daughter’s school play I discovered I needed to take apart my JVC gr miniDV camcorder ONCE AGAIN to disconnect internal battery in order to reset the board. 30+ screws later, under the gun, I got it apart and all back together in 10 minutes. One last screw to put in-just behind the lens on top. Looked a bit long to me. Camera switched on but auto focus and zoom button were dead. I realized, after taking the JVC lemon apart AGAIN (with minutes left before the show), that I had drilled a too long screw through the ribbon cable and killed my camcorder. I filmed the theater performance with full zoom and stuck focus. Real avant-garde experimental trash. sound worked, though. JVC made a lousy product which I finally killed. Now I use it for playback only. LOL

  2. I’ve broken my tx1000’s screen. It was a predictable accident itself.
    The laptop was in the desk but the power cord was a little stretch and my puppy said hello to a relative and pulled the power cord, so the laptop fell from the desk and hit the floor.
    Now the screen has a very real spider’s web on it but it’s functional

  3. If you have a touchscreen laptop running Windows 7 the Kindle for PC software is awesome. Haven’t tried it on a regular laptop but it from the short time I played with a Kindle the PC version with a touchscreen is even better, albeit larger and heavier.
    Check out the Bing home page today (12/7) should look very familiar to Todd!

  4. Yesterday my Miller Tripod bag got a hole burned into the bottom of it from a light that was in the floor which it was placed on!!

  5. Well,

    You probably already know this but, if you have a Iphone or as I an Itouch you can read your kindle books on them. I actually enjoy reading on my Itouch even though I got the Kindle DX. I think I actually need the white screen. It just makes it more like reading a real book

    Just a thought.

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