Ustream.TV Blows it in their Latest Updates!

Ustream.TV in an attempt to improve the interface for listeners and those of use using the service have caused a large number of content creators to cry out in protest of some of the changes.

During my Live event last night, all of the listeners where complaining about the new chat interface. In fact I could not participate in chat at all last night as the chat auto scroll was broken. Plus as part of the change I can no longer chat from the Broadcast Console it forces me to a separate web-page. This is problematic as I have 20+ tabs open on every show making it impossible to follow the chat.


The biggest issue I have with the changes is that when I am not streaming it is impossible for someone to watch my previous show from my video page here at Geek News Central. In order for people to watch an archived show they get driven back to the Ustream.TV website versus being able to watch here at Geek News Central. Plus the videos they are presented are the oldest versions. Which is really stupid.


One of the worst things is that visitors to my site no longer can quickly watch my previous episode which will result in lower revenues for both me and ustream as they cannot show any more ads to my viewers.


Another big issue is that Ustream is now promoting other shows that I do not approve of in my player window, whether I am live of off line on Geek News Central. This is a big issue why would I want to promote shows that I do not endorse!


On the Ustream site on my once personalized show page they are promoting other shows as well, which is frustrating, because as I visited over 20 shows that Ustream.TV was promoting on my show page and non of those show pages were promoting my show in reverse. This is BAD BAD BAD BAD as these shows get free advertisements on my show page and I don’t get any return love.

Are Geeks coming to my site going to want to watch some an Owl Cam? How in the hell can that be a recommended show? 


It is obvious that they are working very hard to keep people contained within the Ustream.TV website but they have effectively destroyed my ability to build my live show on my own website. Because the player on my dedicated video page does nothing but drive people away from my site and onto Ustream.TV website.



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Todd Cochrane is the Founder of Geek News Central and host of the Geek News Central Podcast. He is a Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee and was one of the very first podcasters in 2004. He wrote the first book on podcasting, and did many of the early Podcast Advertising deals in the podcasting space. He does two other podcasts in addition to Geek News Central. The New Media Show and Podcast Legends.

9 thoughts on “Ustream.TV Blows it in their Latest Updates!

  1. I have two problems with the new ustream.

    1. I liked to search for streams that just started, fun to catch people when they first come on. Now the “most recent” is those who just signed up to ustream, not those who just started a broadcast.

    2. Chat. Using IE7 I can only see the chat box sometimes, on some streams. Most times the chat box dissapears when I try to use it. Did not do that before the upgrade.

  2. Let’s all do everything we can to get this great article read and seen by as many people as possible. Tweet it, Facebook it, Digg it. It’s the embedded issue forcing people off my website and previous shows not playing that are the most troubling. I’ve been experimenting with the new Mogulus Procaster app. It’s really good and their embed will allow you to play previous shows.

  3. I agree, Ustream is Letting Us Down! I have been on ustream just a few months after its first released and now I am a Ustream Helper, to be honest, they have let me down with a number of things

    1. No More Partner Shows (How the hell am I ment to get higher views now, I used to be a partner show on many shows who just wanted me there when they were offair
    2. Chat Rooms, ok, here goes a number of things for this one

    We can no longer switch our channels to other IRC Netoworks, Im really annoyed about this becuase thats what ustream was good for, thats what maked it stand out from the croud and other Streaming sites, I would like ustream to bring this feature back, I Loved It!!!

    Maybe they can embed this feature in the my shows advance settings and able for it to connect to any IRC Network and Channel Name

    Also, Where did the colours go!!! I want this feature back also, even tho it was annoying at times but why cant they put in a feature for the mods to decide on wheather they will allow colours in the chat (IRC Mode +S)

    Request for Emotions, People have also requested for emotions in the new chat, WHERE IS THIS!!! ok, I find them pretty annoying, but like the Colours maybe mods can stop people from doing the anamation Smiles like on mibbit chat

    3. Im also not happy that ustream are putting on whats on the front page of ustream on my show site and others, I mean, If i want to see who is on the front page of ustream, I just click the ustream logo to go there or click on the Live Page, I dont care who is on the front page when Im watching a show as well

    4. Where is the video pop up? I mean, Come on! – I have one of these slow laptops that finds it dufficult to handle big flash pages, I use the pop out window when on the laptop also I use it when im in IRC and I want to watch it on the pop out, there is no point having your self logged in to 2 chats and one stream, so I pop it out, but nooo Ustream removed this great feature also

    5. Social Feed – ?? whats this about?? ok, it goes to twitter, but, Your not thinking ustream are trying to use twitter as a chat?? I mean, when i first used this on a few shows on ustream, I got suspended, I didnt know it was posting to my twitter account, I mean, oh jeez…. come on ustream, Get rid of it or explain!

    6. Help and Support Update – Im not sure what features have gone whats staying!!! If you look in Help and Support, it looks like all the features that are gone are still in the Help and Support, just, they have not even updated it yet

    Anyways, thats what I have to say about ustream, Come on Ustream, Get your heads out the sand!

    Ustream Helper

    Click my name and you can Sign a Petition to get ustream to change there chat layout and how it works! Please Sign – Thanks :P

  4. i’ve stopped clicking links to ustream. i’ve given up on trying to get it to work so i just don’t click the links anymore.

  5. Personally I like the new design. I was not a big fan of the old Ustream site as it seemed like a clunky site from the 90’s.

    Definitely need to get the bugs fixed, but I like the direction.

  6. I would also like to add that Ustream removed the ability to popout the video into a separate window. I used to popout the video and push it to my first monitor and have my irc client on the second.

  7. I absolutely agree. Very frustrated, and as far as I can tell, the color of some of the buttons can not be changed, like the chat window buttons. It really conflicts with my page design, so I had to give up and go with something generic.

    Also quite annoying – The Partner Channels feature is totally gone far as I can tell. Instead they replaced it with big recommended show badges on my show page. So instead of being able to feature my friends on my show page, I now have badges for total strangers. I hope Moglus ether makes the free accounts less limited, or lowers the price for the pro accounts so I can jump ship.

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