Gateway in the Dead Pool

I’ve been watching this one for a while, but it appears that Gateway as a brand may be headed for the dead pool.  It’s not even putting up much of a fight, either.

In 2007, Gateway sold off its professional division to MCS, formerly Micron Computer.  This mean all small, medium, and large business, as well as education and government contracts, went with it.  That was all well and good until MCS started to fail, and is now in full bankruptcy receivership.  MSC began to spiral in mid-2008 and could not pull itself out.  They were delisted from the New York Stock Exchange by November, 2008, which pretty much sounded its death knell.

While all this was going on, Acer bought the Gateway brand, promising to keep operations as they were.  Gateway computers are on the market and still being sold, but no new models have been released recently, and it doesn’t appear that will change anytime soon.  Those buying Gateway from retailers should probably see no difference in sales and service at this point, but anyone using Gateway branded products in a business setting is pretty much out of luck when it comes to service and support.

We are primarily a Dell campus, but we do have a few Gateways, including my beloved, abused, and still fully functional Gateway M275 convertible notebook/tablet that is now about six years old and still used daily.  Up until December, we were still able to get the Gateways serviced under existing warranty; this past week we discovered that there is no longer support of any warrantied Gateway equipment.  Any service these machines will need will have to be paid for by us.

Buyer beware.  I wouldn’t buy a Gateway at this point, not even from a retailer.

One thought on “Gateway in the Dead Pool

  1. I think it was right at the first of March that MPC liquidated ALL of their assets. Gateway, as an enterprise brand, no longer exists.

    For years we pushed Gateway tablets to our students because they set up such a killer deal for us. The deal even included five years of warranty. Now, we have several students extremely frustrated because their ‘worry free’ computer purchase is costing them even more money (if they need repair).

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