Windows 7. Download If You Dare

Windows 7 will be released in beta to anyone who wants to download it beginning this Friday, January 9th. Despite the fact that the beta will likely be buggy and have a ways to go until it is ready for Prime Time, I’m just betting a bunch of us are going to download it and start playing with it.

I know I am. I have a laptop sitting here with nothing to do. It was very high-end for its time, which means it has pretty good RAM and hard drive space as well as a decent processor, so I’m sure it can take Windows 7, even though it couldn’t take Vista.

Who’s with me? Anyone willing to sacrifice a machine to try out the beta? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? I still have my original install disks and can go right back to XP on my test machine, no problem. So what’s the risk?

Windows 7 Beta can be downloaded here.

One thought on “Windows 7. Download If You Dare

  1. Problem being Susabelle is that you do have to have Windows Vista SP1 installed on your PC to be able to install the Windows 7 Beta. They say People with WinXP need not apply. So you will need to install Vista on your laptop before the install of Windows 7. Good Luck.

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