Hilton Hotel Chains Internet Access and other Issues!

Over the past six months I have been traveling a great deal. I have stayed around 40 days in a variety of Hilton properties and another 20 days in Marriot hotel chains. I usually stay in Hilton properties to gain reward points.

Over the past three or four stays at Hilton properties on the east coast, I have been completely frustrated with Internet connectivity and other issues. I will obtain Hilton’s highest VIP status before the end of July which shows I have been a pretty loyal customer but my loyalty is starting to shift.

I am going to put this as nicely as possible, Internet Access has really sucked. The hotels I have been in, have not been full of geeks sucking up bandwidth they have had average occupancy with regular travelers. Here are the main issue and it applies to wired and wireless properties. Continual website time outs, which causes pages to fail to load, very slow connections last hotel had wireless clocking in at 128k up and 128k down with full signal Wi-Fi access.

I swear that the contracted Internet Service providers are blocking access to sites or slowing them to a crawl.

The issues do not stop with Internet Access. My current stay started with the room not even having a desk? Come on now, I have not been in a hotel in 10 years that did not have a desk. While they brought me a desk after I complained they did not bring me a light, ever try to work at a desk without a light. Trip to Target solved that. Guess I will have to pack a lamp from now on.

I would have changed hotels but the hotels are full this weekend. If you are going to cater to business travelers you better have “Good Internet Connectivity”, and room furnishings to support those travelers. My experience with Marriot lately has been the opposite. Great Bandwidth and a Great Business traveler experience.

From here on out I am going to start doing extensive reviews of all of the hotels I stay at. I will name the properties and do my best to make sure they are at the top of the search engine results. Piss Poor service deserves Internet attention so that other business travelers will not have to pull their hair out.

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