Verizon Please bring FIOS to Hawaii! PLEASE!!

After hearing todays news of Verizon offering some insane speeds to FIOS customers in the 16 states that they have the service available in. I really just wanted to stick my head in a pillow and scream.

Can my headline be anymore obvious? Our broadband service provider Time Warner which has a Virtual Monopoly in Hawaii is getting ready to impose ridiculous bandwidth limits on us. If there was any market that is prime for the service Hawaii is it. But the problem remains that most service providers do not want to pay back haul cost to the US Mainland.

With Verizon introducing new tiers of service with FIOS customers being able to get 50/20 Mbps, and 20/20 Mbps service just completely depresses me.

While I realize that the oceans will probably freeze over before Verizon or some other brave company tries to come to Hawaii and bring this level of service one can only wish.

Well you know what they say about wishing. Wish in One hand and well you know the rest. One things for sure Verizon is not going to be implementing stupid bandwidth limits like AT&T, Time Warner & Sprint are going to!

Way to go Verizon for pushing the envelope!


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