GNC-2008-06-03 #379 New Sponsor Added to Show

New Sponsor added to the show, hope you will try AIM Call Out link is in the sponsor section of the show notes. I did a live show tonight via Ustream.TV as well as I am on the East Coast. HP HDX Giveaway happens Wed June 4th

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Show Notes:
Universal Fire no Music Masters Lost – News
Revision 3 will not Sue – Internet
BitTorrent Latency – Internet
Superstorm Plasma – Science
Windows Safari Security Issue – Security
Phoenix Touches Mars with Diggers – Space
Toshiba to offer new HD Format – Business
HP Voodoo Special Announce Soon – Business
Adobe – Internet
Buzz Lightyear to ISS – Space
Smartphones Security Issue – Security
Free Starbucks Wi-Fi – Business
HP Private Investigators Fined Big Time – Business – Internet
Facebook Open – Business
Microsoft Wins HP Search bar – Business
Phoenix Lander Website Hacked WordPress Strikes again – Security
Time Warner starts Metering of Broadband Service – Business
At&T Offers Mobile TV – Commerce
Discovery Docks at ISS – Space
Share Podcast Wirelessly with Zune – Podcast
Canadian DMCA Criminal – Internet
Low Down on Space Toilets – Technology

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