Android Interface 100% Shock and Awe

After seeing the pictures of Android Interface all I can say is that Steve Jobs probably has a upset stomach. Android is open and will have all the features of the iPhone, along with a very similar interface and it is not going to be locked to AT&T

Android is going to be big. It is going to be much bigger than the iPhone for one reason and one reason only its “OPEN” you will not have to ask Steve Jobs permission to put or build an application for Android.

Exciting times for those of us looking for more powerful mobile applications.


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2 thoughts on “Android Interface 100% Shock and Awe

  1. Hey, at least when I can download applications and games for my iPhone in a few days I’ll know the software was designed to a certain standard. And, rather than searching for mobile software on hundreds of sites – I’ll have only one place to look (the iPhone app store) and it will all be categorized there. Sure, developers may wish for more money per download — but they are much more likely to be found and paid via the iPhone app store. Have fun Androiders looking for shoddy software all over the web — I’ll be using my iPhone in a few weeks or less with tons of useful and bug-free apps!

  2. I’m an Apple fan boy and would love to have an iPhone, but this Android project really has me excited. Can’t wait till it hits the market. If it works flawlessly with my Mac, I will be all over it.

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