GNC-2008-04-08 #363

Some great feedback from the last show, also I talk about a sneak preview of the blubrry podcast publisher link to video is below.

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Blubrry Podcast Publisher Sneak Peak

Listener Links:
New Cheriecast is on the Street
Canadian Bell Throttling

Show Notes:
Google is gonna Smash Amazon
Multi-Function Printer Review
HP Mini-Note
Gmail being Blocked by Anti-Spam Companies
Comcast Forging all Traffic?
Bloggers 99.999 not the whole story
Microsoft Fixes Vista Repeat Reboot
ImageShack BitTorrent Service
The Battle over Fair Use Continues
AMD Laying Off People
Comcast Only Listens to A-List Bloggers
New Mac Books
3G iPhone in 60 days!
CERN Super High Speed Internet to Launch
HP puts Viruses on Memory Sticks
Solar System Look Alike
To much Carbon in the Air?
Gold on Mars?
Off to Mars
1 Million Viruses
Crazy Body Tricks
Yahoo tells Microsoft more Money!
Sneaker Net on the Rise
Xbox 360 Modification
Apple just Stop
Progress Undocks

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