CES 2008 Spot Satellite Messenger plus Global 911

Spot is a product you are going to want to keep your eyes on. This device allows you to communicate from anywhere in the world. Imagine you are in the Sahara and you want to leave a message to family and friends that you are ok.

Imagine that you are crossing the ocean alone and want someone to track you. Well Spot satellite Messenger allows your position to be updated every 10 minutes and if you get in trouble Global 911 is available.

The folks at FindMeSpot.com have contracted with a global rescue company that will come get you need help or give local authorities your location.

This device is what I consider a must for those that have para-gliders or any other sportsman or outdoor person that wants to be found, send a message, be rescued you name it. The price is so cheap no family that goes on a camping trip where cell coverage is not available needs one.

The unit cost 149.95 and a yearly fee of $99.95 check their company out at findmespot.com

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