Do you need a Podcast Statistics Solution?

Angelo my lead developer at RawVoice sent me a email at 4am his time letting me know that Phase 1 of our Podcast Stats package was finished. When I crawled out of bed at 5 this morning I went and looked at the latest revision.

I am really blown away, I really am! We put together a vision for this on paper over 4 months ago. In my head I knew what podcasters really needed and now it’s ready.

I also know a lot of podcast networks and companies need a solution. Well now we have one that can be branded for a group and is available to be licensed from us.

I sent out a email a few moments ago to all of the podcasters we have in ad deals that have been using the system blindly for the past month and said ok it’s open, you can see what we have been collecting.

We have tested this against some shows that have a million plus downloads every month and it has scaled just fine. So now we are going to throw the media creators at it and see what they think.

I am really proud of Angelo and the team for working hard to get this thing to a deliverable state. RawVoice