Do Podcast Blog Postings Cause Google to Lower Page Rank?

The reason I am asking the above question, is because of my show notes for the Geek News Central Podcast. My style is one I developed and has worked well for 288 shows. As you have seen on the site twice a week. The way the blog post is written, is that I provide two or three words of text with a hyperlink for each story.

This could result in 30 out bound links on a single blog post that has very little supporting text.

I have received several e-mails over the past month, from some so called SEO experts explaining to me, that the way I do my show notes is probably causing my site to be penalized by Google. The reasoning is because I have very little supporting text per out bound hyper-link.

Is their anyone at Google that can weigh in on this? Honestly I am not expecting an answer but their is a fine balance in podcasting between posting comprehensive show notes, and revealing the whole show in the blog post. While I have no plan to change the way I am posting the links to the articles I have revealed is their anything that can be done to mitigate this supposed issue?