The Audio – Video Debate and Shortsighted thought Process!

Chris Brogan made some comments on his Blog today. Some of the things he discusses I have been preaching for a couple of years, and those that have read my book on podcasting will have already understood the value of the content, quality control and the importance of learning and working with advertisers.

Where I take exception to Chris’s comments is in his post is when he says the following.

“I can’t strongly recommend staying with an audio product, unless you have a very strong niche, and/or a strong strategy to distributing your product to a core audience”

My first reaction is who is he kidding and here is why I say that. Today I am able to consume media if I want every waking hour I have. I can consume media while driving to work, in the shower, while at the gym and anyplace else I am capable of listening to Audio you cannot say the same for Video.

At best I have time for 1–2 very short video clips a day, maybe on a coffee break of at lunch. If my employer caught me watching videos during work hours I would be penalized severely. Some would be fired. In todays work environment Audio is generally acceptable to have playing.

Also Video is very hard to do well. Anyone can do Audio and only a small portion of people can do Video. The same is said that Anyone can consume Audio anyplace anytime where video largely cannot.

Podcast Audio does take more of a active listening role, that is why I save those shows for when I am driving at the gym etc. I listen to entertainment shows which are just fun during those hours I cannot actively engage.

Video requires 100% engagement and this is why the above statement Chris makes is really the worst advice I have seen anyone in the new media space give in a long time.

3 thoughts on “The Audio – Video Debate and Shortsighted thought Process!

  1. I made one comment already, but it was never approved or posted (lost in spam?).

    Todd made a great post up here, but it doesn’t match what I wrote in MY post.

    My post was saying that if someone were intending to make money off their media, then I wouldn’t recommend an independent producer start off an audio podcast.

    My post:

    I’m not downing audio podcasts. I’m subscribed to 67 at present. I listen to them all the time on the way back and forth to work, while I’m outdoors, and when I’m at an airport (which seems too frequent).

    I’m saying that media makers looking to make a dime off their podcast have to consider the marketplace as a whole right now.

    @Kevin Crossman – I produce several audio and video products, but am not maintaining a regular podcast at present. Instead, I’ve chosen to support the ecosystem at large by starting and supporting the PodCamp events (

    I hope this one gets through.

  2. While I tend to agree with you Todd, where are Chris’ comments in their entirety?

    If Chris has a audio or video podcast it sure wasn’t overly apparent at his site.

  3. I agree 100%. I’m an IT professional and I listen to a lot of podcast – most of them tech related at work. I simply do not have the time to watch video podcasts. I’ll watch maybe one or two a month – that’s all.


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