Millions of Consumer PC’s are Compromised!

I think anyone that has any tech savvy at all will agree with a host of people when I say that at some point something very serious is going to have to be done if we are going to be able maintain the level of performance on the net.

I worry about identity theft and a host of other issues that go along with having my entire family online. I am pro-active in making sure all of the security of my PC’s are up to date. But I see it everyday when people I know are doing stupid things with their computers that will in the end result in identity theft and a whole host of other bad things.

A secretive conference last week came up with some wild ideas but in the end they think the government is going to have to get involved and at this point it would seem to me that a coalition of computer vendors and software companies could really make a impact her by assuring that computers have all the tools pre-loaded on them, with lifetime updates and remote management to make sure they keep the door closed on hackers. Wired

One thought on “Millions of Consumer PC’s are Compromised!

  1. I agree that lax computer use will put you at great risk for identity theft, and I don’t think the government is in any position to solve this issue.

    The Presidents Identity Theft task force made clear a position that Americans need to be more responsible for their ppersonal information and the private sector needs to help in educating them.

    They will try to make laws tougher and have thieves on the news channels do perp walks. But it will not deter thieves in other parts of the world.

    In the end it is up to everyone to stop the thefts from occurring at the root level.

    The best defense for identity theft is self defense.

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