Website Acquired and Re-Launched Today

Tpn2I am proud to announce that today that the Tech Podcast Network website has been re-launched utilizing my companies RawVoice Generator. This is much more than a re-launch though. In early March the 20+ affiliate owners of the Tech Podcast Network agreed to undisclosed terms to be acquired by RawVoice which I am the CEO.

While I have personally have been involved in Tech Podcast since its conception in early 2005. I never owned the network, while I did help drive many initiatives It was set up from the beginning set up to be affiliate owned. Affiliates had a monetary buy in to be stake holders, and so long as they remained active in the network they maintained a stake in the networks ownership. In 2005 the network affiliates authorised Podcast Connect a corporation I formed to act as the administrative arm for the network. Essentially someone to pay the server bills and distribute advertising revenue. 

What has been somewhat frustrating up to this point is that I have been unable to tap the resources of my growing team at RawVoice to improve the Tech Podcasts website. This acquisition changes all of that, and now my team of 11 will be able to focus on promoting, and building out the feature sets of this valuable media property.

Tenants of the sites original charter will remain in place, specifically shows on the network will remain family safe. Additionally their will be strict listing requirements and membership will not be automatic.

Personally I am happy for the all of the members of the network because the site upgrade, and change in it’s ownership structure where long over-due and will give us the foundation to move forward quickly with the site.

The TPN affiliates owners and RawVoice worked real hard to put together the acquisition/merger agreement. I look forward to all of the stake holders of Tech Podcast working together over the coming months to re invigorate the website.

A little bit on the website while we have a few more bugs to knock out and some tweaks to the site we are confident the website is significantly better off today then it was yesterday.

Note: On this Saturdays Round Table I will be discussing the sites features and giving more insight into what is planned this year.