GNC-2006-03-06 #247

Little late start to the show tonight but I had a heck of a dilemma on a topic I wanted to talk about that I will likely cover in the next show. Should be pretty juicy once I iron out exactly what I want to say!

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Listener Links:
DOT no Vista
Impounded Laptop Surfer

Show Notes:
Blackhat Demo
Streaming Shows are Doomed
Netflix Hack
MP3 Patents
Man Sues Microsoft
iTunes 7.1
RIAA Death Blow to Online Radio!
Save Money at Verizon!
Eclipse Image 1
RIAA hates its customers
Second Life and the IRS!
FCC Forces Rurals on VOIP!
Eclipse Image 2
Choose a Good Domain!
Drowse Prevention Device
Vista Activation
Microsoft One Care a little Lacking!
Pay the RIAA
Storage 161 Exabytes
Wordpress Release files Hacked!
EFF fights DMCA Litigants
Indie DVD’s?
Auto Copy

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