Mainstream Media Reacts to Bloggers

I was in the CES Press room today and I was talking with a main stream media guy about how the Apple announcements have completly blown away any coverage that was being reported from CES. We got to talking about how I was determining who was getting press and who wasnt. I mention that I was tracking coverage through and thru my RSS aggreator.

Then a guy from the BBC who was sitting across the table from me pitched into me on why he thought it was a travesty that CES had allowed non-objective bloggers had been allowed into CES. The reaction at the table which was filled with about 20 other journalist was interesting, in that no one had to much to say except one guy on the end that defended the decision and mentioned that he had been following at least 20 of the bloggers here coverage.

I went on to talk about my past experience at the show that many vendors on the floor go the whole show and never once talk to the main stream media and are happy to get coverage. When I explained I search the floor for what I considered innovative products.

When asked how many interviews I have accomplished I broke out my journal and run down about 20 of the 100+ interviews I have completed. That got a pretty interestingt reaction as they asked how that was possible. I told them I don’t allow myself to become trapped in reporting just on the big companies and I stay away from the press rooms as these press rooms take to long to get in and out of.

I won’t go into everything that was said but needless to say the main stream journalist know that the bloggers are here and we are getting stories through hitting the pavement and talking to companies that deserve attention but do not often get it.

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