GNC-2006-10-13 #207

This is the 2 year anniversary show and thanks to everyone that called in I will be sending out a bunch of care packages and some cool prizes in some gift boxes thanks for being part of the Ohana here at GNC

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Pilot Podcast is Coming Soon from the Geeks Mom!
Thanks for the Vista info!
Listener Greg
Ladies Listen to GNC Also
Long Time Listener Sam
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Show Notes (Not Inclusive)
ProtectDisc = Evil
Treo 680
Wiki Source
Content Thief’s
Blog Juice
5 Podcast Myths
S3 vs Dreamhost?
Front Desk
Mark Cuban
Liver Cancer Treatment
Sony Audio
YouTube Community
Sue Apple?
Green Tea by Coke
The Filter!
Boss Spying?
Neuros OSD?
Treo 680 #2
Red iPod
ISS Gyro
Spamhaus Battle
Phish or Real?
Who killed TiVOtoGo? EFF Knows Who!

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