Podcast Education needed for the General Public


During the past two weeks I have become to realize as many others have that are actively building podcast communities and also at the same time working on our own shows is that the general public at this point still has very little idea what a podcast is.

Many continue to be confused and think that a iPod is necessary to enjoy this powerful content. In my book on Podcasting I called podcastings greatest strengths was the “Power of Walk Away Content, it’s content that you subscribe to not what someone is trying to shove down your throat”

With the latest move by Apple we need to educate the general public on what the big deal is about this content, we need to have an awareness campaign that in under 60 seconds gets them up to speed.

I have been holding a domain for  a while that I would be willing to host for the community if we could get some community leaders to brainstorm on a design and put something together that will serve as a place to educate the consumers.

The domain is “whatsapodcast.com” maybe not the best domain but hey it’s easy to remember. If you would like to help out in putting some info together on that site drop me a line and we will get to work.