GNC-2006-03-17 #156

Geek News Central Podcast for 3-17-2006, This is a information packed show. Cover briefly some events that have happened here in Hawaii along with some travel plans I have that may effect next Tuesday’s show.

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Show Notes:
XP on Mac
Hot Pepper
Mac Magnetic Connector Burn
Viiv DRM
$29.99 200 GB HD
Drink Maker
DRM Killing Batteries of your MP3
Organ Cadillac Transport Device
Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
Zimbra (do you know Asterix drop me a e-mail)
Cell Phone Jamming
Roomba crosses the Street
Vista Performance Ranking next Digg?
Music Site data Breach
New Net Attacks
RFID Virus
Microsoft goes after Bootleggers
Amazon S3
25 Things Hate about Google
25 Things Love about Google
Surveillance Camera Thief
Google Video RSS