Geek News Central 2006-03-14 #155

Finally an announcements later today we will be releasing the completely re-vamped website, we will raise the splash page and introduce a re-launched site that will give Podcasters and Listeners alike a place to check out Podcast and a place to share your promos with the world. Running on the ever versatile RawVoice Generator. This is 1 of about 4 announcements we will be making this month.

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Show us where you listen to the show!

Interview with me to be released by Tom Rafetery’s

Show Notes:
Zoomr Review
Feed Icons
Brain Power
CEO and Stockholders
Samsung HD Ready
RIAA Pirates – ArsTechnica
Icy Super Earth
Netflix ads HD DVD
Sony MSVR-A10
Citibank ATM Fraud
Net outs CIA
MRO Enters Orbits
Comet Minerals
Jim’s Blog
Windows Live Parental Control
Work Naked?
USA versus Google
Apple RSS Patent
Podcast Station

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