Robert Scoble gives some hints on what Origami isn’t

It is obvious by all of the hype and speculation that Origami is going to be pretty big whatever it’s intended function may be, but Robert Scoble said it would not be any of the following

t’s not an iPod killer.
It’s not a portable Xbox.
It’s not an OQO killer.
It’s not a PSP killer.
Update: it’s not a Nokia N90 killer either (thanks to Marc Canter for asking about that).

The question I have is, was he smiling from ear to ear when he posted this?

Now what do I think it’s going to be, I think it is going to be mid-sized device that will be about the size of a paperback, and it will run a version of Windows Tablet, with Wifi, it will have a PCMCIA slot for a EVDO card and the thing is indeed going to play Audio, Video and a allow you to do a host of other functions. I am pretty sure that contrary to what Robert is saying that it will give those of us that are Microsoft fans a chance to stop sending the folks at Apple our money when it comes to portable media devices.