Podfading the long tail of Podcasting

Someone ask me last year what it felt like to hit the 100 show mark with my podcast, my reply was exhausting. That garnered a very strange look, I understand now completely why radio personalities have mandatory vacations written into their contracts. But at the same time they also have capable host that come in and host the show during those breaks. At show 144 I am still going strong but I also realize that within a few months I will probably want to take a break for a few episodes to re-charge the batteries.

So the hunt starts today to find a person that will be a permanent replacement host when the Geek takes a break because as in regular radio the podcast must go on. Others in the podcasting world have figured out that creating and maintaining s podcast is very tough. Some have pulled the plug completely and some do not make it past show 5.

My good friend Ryan Ozawa and his wife had a wildly successful show called “The Transmission” that covered the series “Lost” family and work obligations including a demanding production cycle among other things made them decide to pull the plug. Or as a article on Wired today calls it “podfading” I am sure that Ryan and his lovely wife will be back at some point but on their own terms. Are you a podcaster suffering from burnout. [Wired]