Automatically get TV shows on your PC via RSS and BitTorrent

Well someone has figured out how to allow people to subscribe to their favorite TV shows via RSS and then when someone puts up the program on the Net you get the file automatically through BitTorrent. This is important, who important well lets put it this way you have just cut out all of the middle men that planned to get into this type of distribution. I am sure it will only be a mater of time before the MPAA and all of the studios come after these folks with a vengeance. But the genie is out of the bottle and once that happens you can never go back.

But here is the important part my good readers and I am going to quote a paragraph out of the business week article.

“So, is it the triumph for the Internet that it appears to be?

Maybe not. Man likes to interfere with evolution and this situation is apparently no different. Tellywood is not about to let a silly little thing like the Internet force it to evolve as well. In their commitment to extinction, Tellywood isn’t just looking to interfere with such innovation on its own, its powerful lobbies have managed to mate with two other dinosaurs for help: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress. Fortunately, there’s still time to act. In addition to boycotting content and technologies that promote the adoption of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology (as I proposed here), here’s what you can do about it (and do about it now because there’s a December 1, 2005 deadline).” [Business Week] [TvTad]

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