Why would 100,000 people trust their RSS feed to FeedBurner

Feedburner has a nice service but the question remains why would 100,000 people trust a third party to update and maintain the lifeblood of the one single document that connects most sites to their readership. The trend is quite shocking.

The second question I raise and I will admit Feedburner has some cool tools the question I as is why haven’t companies like SixApart or any other weblog developer team built the same information into their applications.

But yet when I see websites that are supposedly leading edge hosting their rss feeds at FeedBurner I have to ask myself why would they trust their complete lifeline and economic model on a third party. It is well known that an update on a site does not necessarily mean that feedburner is going to know about it immediately. Sure you feed may get updated in a hour if your lucky additionally you have no idea if they go offline and they don’t graph any outages.

The instant a developer builds the same tool feedburner has that I can run on my own server is the day I get my check book out. Otherwise I will continue to serve up my RSS feed on my box and collect my own stats which are a hell of a lot more accurate than anything feedburner will ever give me.

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9 thoughts on “Why would 100,000 people trust their RSS feed to FeedBurner

  1. What else would you suggest for someone using a free blog host such as blogger or in my case journalhome?

    I just updated my journal and about 10-seconds later the feedburner feed was updated. I don’t think that it could get much faster than that. Part of it could be though that I am living in Australia, so when I update my blog most people in the US and Europe are asleep or at least not updating their blogs…

  2. I agree. I don’t like feedburner I tired it and never got accurate Stats on podcasts listened to, not only that your statistics are public. I got nothing to hide but My stats are not everyone elses bussiness

  3. i check my stats religously. i do use feedburner and have noticed that they have a lot of downtime and the statistics are never truly accurate. I will seek an alternative method and maybe try to develop my own.

  4. I would need to know what other options are out there? Googles adsense for feeds is not available to the public yet. FB seems to fit and wa pretty easy to impliment.

  5. Still night here. :) The thing is all of the weblog and CMS applications that i am aware of do RSS straight out of the box and most support podcasting if it doesnt then you need to ask your provider why.

    Plus almost all of the applications now have the iTunes support coded in or as drop in replacement for an exsisting module.

  6. Did you get up on the wrong side of the island again? You cursed in the post. I’m just joking with you. I don’t know how to code an RSS feed for enclosures or for iTunes. That is one of the reasons why I use feedburner. The atom feed that blogger gives me is great. It will display pictures if I have them in my post. But it does not have enclosures or is it ready for iTunes. I guess I just am stuck with one service until a better one comes out. Their update system has gotton alittle better though. I enjoyed your last podcast. The person that you can’t mention:-)

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